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About Julia Bowlin, MD

Founder of Personal Awareness Medicine

Julia Bowlin, MD, is a board certified physician, Core Excellence & Leadership Coach, published author, Distinguished Toastmaster, professional speaker, and a passionate public educator. She loves working with clients and patients to develop their conscious awareness, and strengthen their emotional intelligence around illness detection, prevention, and treatment.  Dr. Julia also enjoys teaching health and medical students from the University of Dayton, Marietta College, The Ohio State University School, and Wright State University.  Her passion is a deep seated drive to assist people to end the cycle of self harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that they can live fully, be vivacious, and deeply connect with love of self, others, and spirit.

Because of Julia's personal past struggles with depression, self abuse, and eating disorder and her vast education, including a Bachelor of Arts in Socio-Anthropology and Doctorate of Medicine, she has an intimate, as well as professional, understanding of how personal, social, and cultural influences impact one’s inner self and, as a result, one’s overall health and wellness.

Julia believes a blend of conscious awareness, conventional medicine, and personal responsibility is the only path towards living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. She is committed to helping fellow professional women find their own happiness, health, and fulfillment through Personal Awareness Medicine and supportive action and accountability.


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