Episode #17 BURN NOTICE: Battleing Burnout BEFORE It Begins

Season #1


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WARNING: You may be dangerously close to the brink of burnout & not even know it… Burnout is a devastating condition that affects more people today than ever before in recorded human history. And it sneaks up without them even knowing it.

What starts out as a bad day at the office, low energy, or a bit of edginess, turns into dreading getting out of bed, feeling unmotivated, unable to focus, and struggling to simply fulfill daily responsibilities. Burnout is costly in many ways. It impacts your body and emotional well-being, your family and relationships. Symptoms include…

• Apathy and disdain for the activities you used to love

• Cynicism, defensiveness and unexplained lashing out

• Chronic exhaustion, insomnia, overwhelm and fatigue

Lack of motivation, feelings of worthlessness, and isolation from friends If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you might be teetering at the edge of burnout, and it’s important that you do something about it NOW…before it’s too late.

This episode is loaded with practical strategies, tools, and insights to help you keep your passions alive when you are feeling stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I going to share digestible wisdom and foundational practices that help you develop a stronger, healthier, more resilient YOU.

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I will share with you what you need to design your very own emotional defense system so that you can stay on track and motivated to create the rich, rewarding life of joy and fulfillment that you deserve, instead of getting caught up in the demands and pressures of life and ultimately succumbing to burnout. In these short you will discover:

The #1 reason that you seriously over commit…and how to fix it

• The 3 mental traps that will burn you out if you let them

• How to discover and design your deepest emotional motivators so you stay inspired and not get worn down

• A tested and proven 4-step Burnout Bounceback Plan

• How to stop the downward spiral of burnout in its tracks…at any stage of its development

• The 3 vital strengths you need to offset burnout’s damaging effects

• And much, much more…

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