Eipsode #14 Time Challenge Success Tips

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Time Challenge Success Tips


A difficult relationship with time can manifest in a variety of ways, but when it is negative, it can be extremely detrimental to one's mental and physical wellness. This type of relationship often leads to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm due to the overwhelming demands placed on limited time.

Being a "slave to time" means feeling like you're controlled by the clock and always being rushed or behind in your obligations. It can mean not having enough time to do everything you need, to feel rested, or even to spend quality time with family and friends. It is often associated with feelings of stress and overwhelm because of the increasing demands on our limited time.

By slowing down and taking back control over our own schedule, we can break free from this cycle of slavery.

I was a Clock Slave!

It’s a phrase I used to describe felling like I was always behind in my obligations, I was trapped in a constant race against the clock. I could never catch up, no matter how hard I tried.

Have you felt this way?

Often, this feeling of being 'rushed' or 'stressed' leads to an inability to make time to do the things I wanted to really badly. I was lost, in all the "have to-do's",  "should do's", and "need to-do's" and not the "want to-do's". 

The truth is that managing your time is really all about focusing on what matters most and letting go of the rest of it. That way your life can fill up with people, experiences, pursuits and opportunities that are CHOSEN by you…and you will be the master in the middle of all of it.

This episode will help you build more trust, create new opportunities and stay sane and focused in all areas of your life. These enlightening success tips are loaded with tools that you can use right away to help navigate the challenges of life, both internal & external. You will grow stronger, more aware and more grounded with each passing acion oriented time tip.


May you be happy, be healthy, and be fulfilled,

Dr. Julia

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  1. Brainwave App https://apps.apple.com/us/app-bundle/ultimate-brainwave-entrainment-pack-86-binaural-programs/id923861150
  2. FOG Nila COnzenon Boundaries
  3. Remarkable Tablet https://remarkable.com/
  4. Full Focus System 
  5. 6 Phase Meditation Mind Valley Vishen Lakhiani https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeQfRtiY-ZM&ab_channel=VishenLakhiani

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