Episode 12 | Breaking Free From Worry: No Worries

Season #1

In this episode I am unveiling simple, daily practices that will help you stay focused, calm, and in control of your thoughts and actions. 

You will learn easy tactics to discharge negative energy and emotions associated with worrying.

Most people never pay attention to the thoughts they have. They simply act and operate, letting their thoughts run willy-nilly and drive their actions. The ability to identify your thoughts is one of the first and most powerful tools on your journey to a peaceful, worry-free life. It gives you the ability to actually listen to the messages your worry is sending, so that it doesn’t have to yell or create chaos.

You will learn skills on how to catch those thoughts and become conscious of them so that you can consciously make decisions on how you would like to act, feel and behave.

Make sure to download your companionable worksheets and do some of the exercises to get the most benefit out of the information. When you take action, that's when the most beneficial change occurs.


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