Episode 11 | Breaking Free From Worry: Don’t You Worry About a Thing

Season #1

In this episode you will learn how to putt a hard stop to your worry patterns. It’s time to get in the game and regain control. 

You have, in your mind, an inner child that speaks up to alert you of potential catastrophe. This inner child of yours doesn’t know exactly how to handle certain situations and needs a grown-up, so he or she speaks in worried tones that may occur as whining or complaining.

Your worry exists to tell you something is out of line, so the first thing you can do to live a worry-free life is pay attention to the initial messages your mind and body send you, and do something about them.

Listen to this episode to learn more, gain insight, and click here to download your companion worksheets that are complementary to help you maximize all the information you gain from the series.


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